Our working hypothesis is twofold:

1) Emerging internet market constructs have the potential to reclaim the elements of pure market capitalism that are currently buried under excessive complication and regulation;

2) These markets can also be vehicles to promote transparency, effective decision-making, and community development.

We profile how technology can power market forces to progress towards more open, free, and efficient decisions and exchanges. Promising vehicles include peer-to-peer platforms (specifically for commerce and lending) and prediction markets.


Melody Hildebrandt

Melody is the founder of Transcapitalist. She is interested by the intersection of free market capitalism and the web. Melody works in software and she is intrigued by how collective intelligence platforms can help solve government and corporate problems.

 You can reach her at m.melody999 at


Anita Gardeva

Anita is the co-founder of Transcapitalist. An editor and writer, Anita works at a large microfinance institution where she works on issues of financial inclusion. She is especially interested in how internet platforms enable more transparent personal finance decisions and also allow lenders to connect with borrowers around the world.